"It is excellent - the explanation of the clinician, built trust. Good combo of Acupuncture + que jong (spelling?) I do not have the spur pain anymore, but the shoulder is still there a little on the other side which is chronic. I wish I would have 2 sessions a week but not possible with my schedule & clinician's days of clinic."

Kim, Waiheke. A traveller from Canada.

"My treatment was great, Oleg was very good at explaining to me and I felt safe at the clinic. Oleg was very professional in his approach towards culture (Indian), he also was very polite. Oleg is good, I mean good at his job - I would like to thank him for his time and the way he healed me, and I feel much relief! Very professional and down to earth. Thank you, Oleg!"

Michael, Panmure, Hairdresser
Came for chronic pain in the wrist and elbow (diagnosed as "tennis elbow")

"Good! Sciatica pain improved significantly. [Oleg] got to the root of problem - 1st acupuncture treatment worked wonderfully! 2nd and 3rd were not as good. 4th, 5th and 6th - very good!"

Kevin, Howick, Optician

"Oleg is a good listener and he answered all my questions in great detail. My daughter felt safe with him. After her first cycle of treatments her skin rash disappeared and did not come back for a long period of time until December 2011.

We came for another cycle then, and her rash decreased but this time it did not go away completely and was still itching. Having asked more questions about our current situation, Oleg explained that such a flare-up is probably due to stress my daughter was going through at the school at that moment.

My girl somehow managed to change her situation at school and since then everything is still okay. I'm happy with everything!"

Nima, Epsom. Mother of a 12-year old girl
Came for the girl's chronic skin rash diagnosed as "allergy". Mother refused to apply steroidal (hormonal) cream for the child and chose a natural treatment.

"Oleg was extremely courteous, professional and caring. He explained the treatment he was to give at the beginning of each appointment, made sure I understood what was about to occur, made sure I was comfortable and at ease during treatment. He also made certain of my privacy and was very well cared for before during and after each session. After over 20 years of pain I felt a relief for several days after each treatment."

Colin (an 83-year old gentleman), One Tree Hill, Retired

"I can't thank you enough for that wonderful job you did for Colin. He feels so much lighter after all these years of suffering from pain in his leg and foot. It is like he's suddenly become ten years younger!"

Margaret, One Tree Hill. A loving wife of the 83-year old gentleman.

"As a teacher, Oleg is very pedagogical; clear and to the point. He has deep knowledge and knowing, and I have learnt a lot from him. I can highly recommend him as a healer; he has helped me with a number of ailments, such as extremely painful and stiff joints; in this case no other medical treatments helped."

"I had such bad and painful joint problems I could hardly walk. After trying different alternatives and different remedies, which did not work, I was recommended to go to Oleg. I have not felt this well in a long time. I am now able to play with my children without pain; I can even keep up with my oldest son when he is running! I can really recommend Oleg to everyone!"

Annika Maria Sylén, Author, Sweden

"I had very bad back problems since I was about 29 years old, after the birth of my second child. Three years later my third child was born and my back felt so very bad that I could hardly walk or even sleep. And there was also kind of feeling numb on my whole right side. A feeling of being there only half.

My back got worse, I saw an osteopath and chiropractitioner for quite a long period of time. That helped for a while, they did their best to treat the symptoms. But obviously not the reasons because the pain came back every time.

Then I thought there is something really wrong how people look at their body and soul. My intuition said: try something different. I didn't know what and so I did nothing because I didn't know what I needed. I hadn't heard anything about Qi-gong before but the name. Then I met Oleg. And then I found out about it.

Already during the first session I could feel that something was changing. There was less pain yes, but there was definitely something else that was changing: my whole inner constitution I would say.

I felt very weak afterwards and needed a lot of time to think about things in my life that I had forgotten or wasn't aware of anymore. Yes - I thought a lot and there was a lot of clearing grief. After the second session I started to develop like an inner strength and became very clear like I never did before. The pain was almost gone and came back from time to time but very little. Somehow I started knowing where the pain comes from and think about it (or better: feel about it) and then it seems as if I can "think" it away.

And after that last session I want to say thank You Oleg from all my heart for the warm, knowing and sensitive help that you are able to give to people.
This is a real gift.
All the best for the future"

Isabelle, Graphic Designer, Titirangi

"Hi. My name is Serge and generally speaking I don’t believe in alternative medicine since antibiotics and Panadol seems to work just fine on me. Regardless of my believes, I still had an encounter with healing Qigong which I can’t explain in any scientific way.

A few months ago I almost ripped a tendon in my left knee during skiing at Mt Ruapehu. That evening I took some pain killers and Oleg (who was nearby) tried Qigong on me which didn’t produced immediate results so I decided to wait and see – after all, busted tendons usually take a really long time to heal.

Next morning when I woke up I almost couldn’t walk – I was slowly limping to shower and back. A little later on I had to limp into the car as my friends were still going to ski a little bit before heading home. The drive took maybe 20 min during which time Oleg were doing some strange things with his hands all that time ;-). When we finally arrived I was totally amazed that I could actually climb out of the car and walk. I was still limping but that was nowhere near as bad as it was before. The pain was almost gone, and I spend next few hours in one of cafes which I had to walk a few hundred meters each way

I am still a bit skeptical about this whole Qigong thingy, but not as categorically opposed as I used to be since it clearly worked on me at least once (I don’t feel like breaking my leg again and again for the sake of experiment)."

Serge, Engineer, Mt Wellington