Before anything else, Qigong is a practical art of cultivation where personal practice is considered to be a pivotal element.

Qigong excercises and meditation teach you to stay in balance within yourself, be aware of your natural rhythms and flows, and the needs of your body and mind. Qigong practice is one of the ways to greater awareness in your life. It helps you re-discover the nature around you and find your own place within its nurturing environment, it empowers you to deal with you day-to-day situations.

The classes are held once a week and suitable for all age groups. They are not too demanding physically, however some excercises work deep on the physical, emotional and mental levels, so after doing them you might feel very well worked-out. It is adviced to have some food before the class (but not immediately before) to have some spare energy to work with.

In the class

The class consists of two parts.

First part is a guided Qigong practice where we do some excercises together. These excercises teach you to direct your attention at the flow of energy within your body and the primordial streams of Yin and Yang natural energies supporting you. They help to anchor and accumulate the Qi in the Dan Tian fields, cleanse the energy channels and open the major gates of vitality in the body. Some practices of this part you may have encountered during Tai Chi, Nei Gong, internal Kung-fu, Yoga and Pranayama training if you did those disciplines. The excercise part is tailored to the needs of the group and also in sync with the current rhythms and flows of the Nature. So, you may find every new session to be quite different to the previous one!

Second part is a Spontaneous Qigong meditation, aiming to bring you in contact with your own natural healing energy within. During this part you learn to follow and be directed by the Qi of the Universe, softly working its way through your energy channels into the Earth, purifying your whole energy system. During this part your body goes into the state of deep relaxation, and the tension accumulated over a period of time is released into the ground. You can read more about Spontaneous Qigong here on the website.

Group treatment is provided as a part of Spontaneous Qigong meditation. The teacher will attend each one individually during the meditation and help to resolve current issues projecting his or her energy.

Break between two parts is necessary to have some rest and discuss whatever you may ask about your Qigong practice. We often enjoy long conversations and share a lot during this time. We have a Chinese green tea or occasionally some mild Chinese herbs during the break. Biscuits provided.

Class information

Venue: Vartamana Healing Retreat
Where: 1119 Scenic Drive, Swanson, Auckland
When: every Thursday at 6.30pm (excluding public holidays)
Duration: 2 hours

You are most welcome to turn up at the class, however it would be great if you text me (021 632610) in advance to make sure there are no changes to the schedule.

Wear some loose comfortable clothing and have something warm in winter to put on afterwards. It is suggested to have some food before the class. If you come for the first time, please contact us before you come in case there are some changes with the schedule.