What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced Chi-Kung) is an ancient Chinese art of promoting health by developing a harmonious relationship to the Nature.

The word Qigong is comprised of two characters: Qi (anima, vital energy) and Gong (work, cultivation), and relates to the variety of practices to do with manipulation of Qi - the vital energy behind our movement, emotions and mentality.

The Qi is also the life-force, which we share with the rest of the world. By using specific postures of the body, combining them with directed breath and intention, the Qi can be cultivated and replenished for your own needs, so as to promote health and well-being, and to give you strength to achieve your life goals.

Qigong therapy

Over the last few decades Qigong has become popular as a self-excercise method. However not many know that it may be also received as an external healing - a process by which a Qigong therapist emits Qi to help resolve Qi stagnation in others and reconnect their energy structure to the abundant energy streams of the natural world. Thus, a few Qigong healing sessions may relieve stubborn chronic pain, promote circulation, and strongly reinforce your body so that it breaks free from ill-being in a most natural way.

How is that possible?

In traditional Chinese Medicine view a person is healthy and enjoys life when Qi freely circulates through its pathways, enters and exits to and from the body-mind without obstruction. Any ill-being or lack of vigour and joy in life is seen as a result of blockage in the energy channels, obstructing the flow of Qi. The classic text "Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine" (circa 250BC) states: When Qi is blocked, there is sickness. No blockage - no sickness.

Therefore, practiced as an excercise or received as an external healing, Qigong techniques purify and strengthen the system of energy channels, remove energy clogs and gradually reconnect you to the immensity of Qi-energy perpetuating the Universe. The practitioner of Qigong is eventually established in their original state - uncorrupted by stress, impurities and disease.