What is your Qigong style?

I am asked this question sometimes.

I do not believe a person can "own" Qigong. The heaven and the earth were not invented by people, nor the energies or the movements were - it is all part of the natural world. However, since some "masters" are peculiar with names and do not let each other use the names they gave to their practices, I was obliged to come up with yet another style name. Here you go :)

Ji Quan Qi Gong (極泉氣功) - the Ultimate Spring Qigong, which may be translated as "pure ying-yang energy spring cultivation" is essentially a fusion of two practices that I received from the two of my teachers. One practice was more about following the Tian (Heaven) and another - about uniting with the Di (Earth) in Chinese medical terms. The latter is very similar to what in Taiji is known as "grounding" or "rooting".

The fusion itself - I did not invent it either. It happened spontaneously in 2007 when I practiced both systems in Eastern Taiwan being quite desperate for my health, and as a result - had some powerful energy experiences that let me "see" the unity of the two. The process of the "fusion" is continuous and is still happening to this day as I keep practicing daily (and "nightly").

  • The word "Ji" (極) is a part of "Tai Ji" - the Great Ultimate and refers to the pure stream of Yin (Earth) and Yang (Heaven) energies.
  • The other word "Quan" (泉) refers to a natural water spring, as both energies come in their purest form from their sources.

Not a bad name, isn't it? Although nothing too out of ordinary when it comes to Chinese style names. One way of another - the fusion of Heaven and Earth practices actually does create a very balanced and safe practice, suitable pretty much for everyone and easy to get into.

Ji Quan Qigong is an example of a Natural Flow Qigong.