Healing sessions

Ultimate Spring Qigong is the energy healing system based on acceptance and following of the Qi. This is a spontaneous Qigong style, where movements and energy emitted by the practitioner are not pre-designed but governed completely by the needs of your body and mind. Qigong treatment is highly personal - it addresses your current issues with precision and depth, and leads you to a higher level of health, contentment and balance in a way natural to you.

It is not uncommon for those who experienced Qigong treatment to say: "I have never felt so understood in my whole life!"

What does the treatment involve?

Qigong treatment involves acupoint pressure and stimulation, deep tissue massage, energy emission, and emotional release using sounds and vibration. The actions of the practitioner lead the body and mind through the traumatic experiences of the past but also through ancestral energy imprints “stored” in the tissues, allowing the receiver to re-live those experiences in the state of deep relaxation thus letting go of their negative effects.

Due to its ultimate precision, Ultimate Spring Qigong is a gentle and least invasive method. By letting go of form and accepting the formlessness, the treatment reaches beyond the immediate physical imbalance directly into the root - deep into the sphere of your emotions, mentality and spirit.

Before the visit

Prepare yourself by observing your actions during the day. Try to accept the natural flow of things by letting everything "happen" to you. Focus on your self and acknowledge your usual reactions. This would help you to enter the special meditative state induced by a Qigong session.

On your visit wear some loose comfortable clothes and have something warm with you to put on afterwards (in winter). You can leave your watches and jewellery at home if you wish - these are usually taken off before the session.

During the visit

The beauty of Qigong is that a practitioner is able to identify blockages of the energy channels by seeing the Qi form of the patient or palpating through the channels. However, if more specific diagnosis is required, the initial session may include traditional TCM methods of taking the pulse and observing the tongue. Some questions regarding your present state of being and past expirience occasionally may be asked to direct the healing intention more precisely.

The treatment

The healing session normally takes 1 to 1½ hour and performed on fully clothed patients - only shoes need to be removed.

Unlike acupuncture, Qigong treatment does not include the insertion of needles. Instead, the energy emitted from the fingers and palms of the practitioner is used to adjust the flow of Qi. The action of this emitted energy is not limited to the surface acupuncture points and may be as deep as required - to reach muscles, tendons and internal organs directly.
Acupuncture point- and deep tissue massage, vibration and sounds are used to relax the muscular, emotional and mental tension. Apart from that, moxibustion (warming the points with Mugwort incense) or natural cooling oils (such as Tiger Balm) may be used occasionally.

Mental and emotional relief

During a Qigong session you enter into the state of supreme relaxation, which allows the Qi to do its subtle work. In this meditative state you may see some traumatic events that led to your current imbalance. Observing them in the state of clarity and awareness, provided with enough energy and strength to resolve them you are able to realise the completeness of those experiences, and leaving them behind you do not carry the burden of them any longer.

How many sessions do I need?

Qigong is not a one-off cure but a healing process where your vitality is promoted with the help of a Qigong practitioner. Although some relief is usually felt straight after your first session, it is most beneficial to receive a course of a few regular treatments in a row. The treatments are usually administered once a week until a significant relief is felt.

Qi Reactions

There might be a particular reaction following the treatment, which is a natural healthy response of the body (reinforced by the Qi) to expel previously lodged pathogenic influences. This reaction is temporary and in the end - very positive. You can read more about it in the article called Qi reactions.

Distant Healing

Are you not in New Zealand? Do you have some circumstances preventing you from coming in person? Or maybe you have some relatives who want to be helped. You can check the distant healing option then. It is entirely possible to achieve good results by working with the Qi field at a distance.

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