Want to learn more about Qigong?

Here I started collecting some articles that you may find interesting. This is going to be a mixture of ancient scriptures and modern insights of Qigong masters and teachers. Later on I might put some scientific researches and video materials here as well.

Watch this space!

Articles about Qigong

Not only the ancient Chinese wondered about the deep wisdom of the Nature and the void bragging of our intellect in its endless strife to come even close to grasping its marvels. The intellect is by essence of it is just a summary of our experience - the... » read more
This is an excerpt from my diary, which I wrote when I was about 25 and just came back from a two-week trip in Crimean mountains. At that time I had no idea what the "lines" were, thinking the lines I saw were some kind of arteries. Early in the morning I... » read more
This article was published in the monthly magazine "Qigong and Sport" in Xi'An, Shagxi province of China in the 1990s. In this article some Qigong masters who belong to different schools share their visions of the energy channels' system. Strikingly,... » read more
AMAR stands for Association for the Restoration of Martial Arts. It was founded in Taiwan as a project of Wang Huai Xiang (Howard) to promote the astonishing work of his father Grandmaster Wang Jie and himself. Their idea is to bring martial artists back... » read more
The Yellow Emperor's "Invaluable Sutra" also known as "The Invaluable cultivation sutra of Taoism". Original Chinese text comes from the Daozang edition 1996, as listed by Prof. Fabrizio Pregadio. I translated it into English in 2009 leaving the text as... » read more
This classical Daoist text is known as the Taishang lingbao Laozi huahu miaojing (太上靈寶老子化胡妙經, "The Supreme Numinous Treasure's Sublime Classic on Laozi's Conversion of the Barbarians"). A copy of the Huahujing was discovered in the Mogao Caves near... » read more
The Chinese word Qi (pronounced chee) is usually translated as 'vital energy'. This is a most appropriate translation when it comes to oriental medicine: we tend to see it as 'energy' that animates our body as opposed to 'matter' which forms our body... » read more
I have been studying Qigong for 16 years now. I did not have only one teacher, instead I was lucky enough to meet and learn from a few extraordinary people who led me through my journey. Nowadays I keep studying Qigong every moment - learning it from... » read more