AMAR association of Taiwan

AMAR stands for Association for the Restoration of Martial Arts. It was founded in Taiwan as a project of Wang Huai Xiang (Howard) to promote the astonishing work of his father Grandmaster Wang Jie and himself. Their idea is to bring martial artists back to the principles of integrity with the Nature, found at the very root of Kung-Fu. Their teachings is that "Kung-Fu" (which in Chinese literally means "a strong skill acquired through perseverance") is not a practice for fighting. It is rather an empirical science of spiritual cultivation leading to the unity with the Universe.

You can see some of their Kung-Fu demonstrations on this page.

Grandmaster Wang Jie

This is Mr. Wang Chieh's impromptu push hands demonstration with Mr. Xu Jia Ho, seventh degree TKD instructor, Chairman of Cheng Style Tai Chi and Qigong Association registered with Taipei county government.

Watch the video HERE

And another video showing his Push Hands practice - excellent skill! Watch the video HERE

Wang Huai Xiang (Howard)

Howard Wang has been actively teaching internationally over the last two-three years. This is one of his demonstrations of rooting and using the mental aspect of Qi. As a "man from the street", not being a student as yet at that point, I experienced it myself and I have to say that such a skill can not be mistaken for a mere show-off performed only with the students.

Watch the video HERE