Welcome to my humble Qigong website.

I am a Qigong practitioner, Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

I am in love with Qigong and oriental health practices since 1999, and I cannot imagine my life without it. In 2007 I began teaching Qigong as a simple and efficient way to restore and maintain health for the whole family.

In 2012 I successfully graduated from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine receiving formal degrees of the Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) and a Level-7 Diploma of Chinese Herbal Medicine. I am a fully registered Acupuncture, Qigong and Tui-Na massage practitioner in New Zealand.

You can also read my personal story if you are interested in my background training.

Based on my personal experience, the experience of my students and fellow practitioners, but also multiple studies in China and in the West, Qigong has been found efficient as a relief for some imbalances where modern medicine cannot provide an adequate solution. So, here we go - there is an alternative for us.

Ways of application

Qigong can be applied in two forms - internal (Nei-Qi) and external (Wai-Qi). Internal Qigong refers to the self-practice taught through Qigong classes and External Qigong to the Qigong treatments with a higher level practitioner's involvement.

Both methods lead to purification of patients' energy channels and their reconnection to the Qi field of the Nature. They provide avenues to develop and strengthen the person's intimate connection to their inner Self, and to the natural forces at large.

External Qigong

Qigong external Qi therapy treatments include:

  • Chinese-style Tui-Na massage - soft and deep tissue.
  • Acupuncture point stimulation (sometimes called needle-less “acupuncture”).
  • Energy emission and balancing of the internal organs and key energy centres, especially those located on the midline of the body.
  • Back and skeletal manipulations.

Qigong for Emotional problems

Qigong plays its major role in the relief of the emotional problems. Most commonly: stress relief, release of stagnant emotional energy such as grief, sadness, etc. Anger and anxiety management. Emotions are seen as energetic imprints affecting certain internal organs. For example, the emotion of anger causes Liver Qi to rebel upwards leading to headaches and migraines; emotion of grief knots the Lung Qi and leads to shortness of breath and lack of oxygen. All emotions readily affect the Heart, the governor of the emotional life.

Qigong practitioner can access internal organs with direct emission of Qi and harmonise the internal flow of energy, thus dispersing the negative emotional energy and promoting the flow of the positive part of it. Doing your own Qigong practice regularly you will feel much happier with your life, people around you and especially yourself.

Ancestral healing

Qigong for the health- and emotional problems inherited through the family. Many stubborn conditions show themselves through many generations in the family and may be relieved by application of the Qi energy directly to the family tree of the person. Besides, whatever bothers you in your current family situation may also be resolved through this method.

Pregnancy support & natural fertility

Qigong can help to release all tensions associated with fears of delivery, unblock the passages, turn the baby and actually aid the natural delivery. Qigong is effective in post-natal care to help the body regain its strength and alleviate post-natal depression. As for fertility treatment, there are many ways to help available in Qigong too.

Internal Qigong

Our group Qigong classes provide tools and methods to be in touch with your own body and mind. You learn how to identify and pick-up the events and reactions that push your highly tuned system out of balance. Classes also include group treatments.