Qigong Classes Resumed

Good news are here! Regular classes are resumed in the Waitakeres!

Every Monday 6:30pm come to
Waiatarua Community Hall @ 911 West Coast Road, Waiatarua
to learn and practice the ancient art of self-healing and well-being.
Waiatarua is a small community located at the top of Waitakere Ranges. It is essentially the topmost point of the Auckland Region. This location is very special from Qigong perspective as it is "a little closer to the stars" if we want to speak poetically.
In practice it means there are very strong Yang energies in this area, which might make the transition into the state where you feel and acquaint yourself with the Qi a bit smoother. Yang energies of the high rise are however well balanced by the Yin of the native rain forest stretching all around the place. Waitakere Ranges are home to most amazing waterfalls and powerful beaches where you feel a strong connection to the Nature. Learn more about the exercise here and we are looking forward to seeing you at our practice!