Distant healing

Distance healing (Yuan Ge Qi Gong - 遠隔气功) is a common phenomena pertaining not only to Qigong but to many systems of traditional healing. The notion behind it is that it does not really matter for a healer who can perceive and influence the Qi/Univeral energy where the healer and patient are located, since Qi is universal and omnipresent, and governed by healer's intent.

What do we know about Qi. Not much, since it is not perceptible with five senses. Is it constricted by time and space? Through the healing practices and multiple experiments we know that Qi is a kind of a field and it can be transmitted or received, perhaps just as radio-waves.

What do we know about a field

Radio waves? Let's say we stick to the science taught at schools. In physics there is a proven concept that any electro-magnetic field is infinitely large. Next door to a radio station the waves will be obviously stronger, however in other parts of the planet or even in the Space the radio signal may also be successfully received, providing the receiver is attuned to the same frequency.

And how about the Qi field?

Comparing to electro-magnetic fields, Qi-energy is more disperse and subtle. It cannot be detected even by very sensitive scientific equipment and it penetrates the gross matter with ease. According to the ancient scriptures, Qi is present everywhere - it is the property of the Universe.

In Qigong (or other energy healing traditions) it is possible for a practitoner to attune to the patient located somewhere else within the universal field of Qi. And it is also entirely possible to harmonise the Qi field of the patient at a distance. The intent and prayers of the practitioner have no boundaries. They lead the Qi-energy penetrating and surrounding the receiver in a way to regulate his or her body and mind, and to promote healing.

Treatable conditions

All those issues where Qigong is applicable in person may also be helped at a distance.

What is the difference then?

The obvious difference is absence of the personal connection. It might be good to develop a personal connection with your practitioner, for your comfort first of all. However, if a practitioner becomes too emotionally involved in your situation - it may affect his or her clinical judgement. A certain degree of withdrawal is always required for a good treatment.

How does it work?

The time is arranged between the practitioner and the receiver. During the session it is preferable if a patient stays calm and relaxed, sitting comfortably in a soft chair. Usually, there are common sensations of Qi felt during the treatment. They may include feeling of heat, mild pain or heaviness in some parts of the body, or otherwise lightness or elation. All of these are temporary and will go away when the Qi flow is restored through the blocked channels in the area.

Some relief is often felt straight after the first session, however most beneficial is to commit at least to three sessions in a row. Sessions repeated once a week if necessary.

How to apply

Contact us stating that your enquiry is about distant healing. We will then arrange a suitable time for you.